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(Pocket-lint) - BT has launched the BT Radio Philharmonia with the aim to make orchestral music more easily accessible.

For the first time ever, classical music fans can listen to a dedicated music station from one of the world's leading orchestras, with this new service.

Richard Slaney, the Philharmonia's digital projects manager, commented: "At the Philharmonia we are committed to showing people that an orchestra is something that absolutely everyone can enjoy ­ no matter where they are. Working with BT means anyone, of any age, can now listen to our music".

Listeners can enjoy exclusive live concert recordings on demand, meaning they can tune in whenever they want, at a time to suit them.

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Ben Bailey, senior devices manager at BT, said: "The internet is revolutionising the way people listen to music, and we can already access thousands of radio stations online, in any genre and from anywhere in the world".

"Through BT Internet Radio we have been able to extend this further, providing people with exclusive access to music from one of the UK's most famous orchestras."

A new concert will be available each week, with performances of music by Brahms, Beethoven, Elgar and many more, accessible online and via a BT Internet Radio.

The BT Internet Radio is available at BT Shop for £99.99.

Writing by Amy-Mae Elliott.