A survey has found that one in four people spend nearly a third of their time online with no real purpose.

It is expected that men will be bigger wilfers (what was I looking for?) than women, with shopping sites being the top cause, along with travel and news sites like Pocket-lint.

While those under 25 were three times more likely to get distracted while surfing the web than users over 55, says a survey found commissioned by Moneysupermarket.com.

The news follows a survey earlier in the month that suggested online readers have a greater attention span that print news readers.

Conducted by the Poynter Institute, an American journalism school, the EyeTrack07 survey found that a much larger percentage of story text was read, on average, by online readers than print readers.

In total, 77% of online readers read their selected text while broadsheet newspaper readers read only about 62% of their chosen story and tabloid readers about 57%.