BT has announced the launch of two new videophones. The new Videophone 1000 and Videophone 2000 are broadband-enabled video telephones, which lets users see who they are talking to.

Calls are made using a broadband line with a BT Broadband Talk account.

BT are promising BT Videophone users high-definition sound quality and a full colour screen. The Videophone is future proofed so it allows automatic upgrades and it also has a built-in address book function.

All that’s needed to use the Videophone is a broadband line, a compatible router and a BT Broadband Talk account, which can be set-up online.

Calls between Videophones within your Broadband Talk calling plan are charged at 10p per minute.

If the person you're calling doesn't have a Videophone, the conversation will not include video and the call will be charged at standard BT Broadband Talk call rates.

The recommended retail price for the BT Videophone 1000 is £149.99. BT has also released their Videophone 2000, which contains the same functions as the 1000 but connects wirelessly and retails at £199.99.