Brits are quite happy talking on the phone with no clothes on, a new survey from BT Broadband Talk reveals.

Nearly half of those surveyed said they were happy to talk to friends and family when naked in their own own home, but this was because the other person couldn't see them when they were talking.

Women are more likely then men to be stripped off while talking on the phone, with 57% of women versus 40% of males making phone calls when in the nude.

Thirty per cent of men questioned admitted that they use phone calls to pretend they were somewhere else, while more than four out of five respondents said they multi-tasked while on the phone.

Eighty-six per cent of women do practical tasks like cooking or ironing while on the phone, while overall 78% of men so something else while on the phone, including 63% who watch the television.

According to the research, women are also twice as likely to pick up the phone and call their parents than men.