The way we access the Internet when out and about is about to change thanks to a company that plans to offer its users the chance to access over 15,000 hotspots around the UK on a pay-as-you-go model.

Divine Wireless says users will be able to access approximately 90% of all UK Wi-Fi hotspots with the new service.

The service, which the company promises is quick and easy to install on a laptop, will give account holders instant connectivity to any Wi-Fi covered location.

In a statement by the company, it says "Users no longer have to worry about multiple subscriptions in multiple locations, confusing processes, credit card payment risks and PC configuration problems".

Registering with Divine Wireless gives the user access to a number of providers including BT Openzone, The Cloud and Surf and Sip and the company says "many more in the pipeline".

All the accounts are pay–as-you-go meaning users only get charged for the minutes they use rather than buying a hour at a time.

Prices start at 8p per minute, which according to Divine-wireless is the cheapest pay-as-you-go way to use Wi-Fi on the market.

The company is hoping to expand the service to Europe and the USA shortly.