BT is offering a new online backup service called Digital Vault for free to any internet user.

The space offered by BT for storage is not unlimited, however, and ranges from just 2GB for the basic free plan to 20GB for the paid serivce.

Files that are stored in the Digital Vault are encrypted when uploaded and stored in a secure data centre; users then access their files from anywhere, and can also invite contacts to view or access files.

BT Digital Vault Basic is designed for people who only want to backup a small number of files. People who sign up before 8 January, 2007 will get 2GB for free, while those who sign up after will only be eligible for 1GB, unless they're BT Total Broadband customers, who will still get 2GB for free.

The 20GB storage capacity costs £5 a month, and includes a Backup Manager that will automatically search selected folders to back them up when files are added or changed.