BT has jumped on the Podcasting bandwagon and announced it is to launch the BT PodShow, a British version of the US PodShow Network with extra content and functionality produced specifically for the UK market.

BT is looking for aspiring film producers, musicians, presenters and DJs from across the UK to submit audio and video content, enabling them to "get in on the show".

The BT PodShow, which BT say will be strangely enough, accessible to all UK internet users, will initially launch by inviting UK talent to contribute to The Show and provide users with their own personal online media centres where they can post their own content.

Speaking at the launch today, Gavin Patterson BT Consumer MD, said: “Podcasting really does illustrate the true power of broadband. What is great about it is that all you need is a way to record audio or video, a computer and an internet connection".

The company is hoping that the launch of the show will show consumers that the company isn't just about land lines but more converged services such as BT Fusion and BT Movio.

It is expected that some BT PodShow content will feature on BT Vision.

PodShow was launched in early 2005 by media Ron Bloom and Adam Curry.