Virgin Mobile has launched a new mobile TV service, Virgin Mobile TV, which is powered by BT Movio.

The service offers BBC One, ITV1, Channel 4 and E4 with a simulcast programme schedule on Virgin Mobile’s first TV mobile, the HTC-made Lobster 700, Virgin Mobile’s first Windows-based smartphone.

Mobile TV will not just give users access to TV, but also to DAB radio broadcasts, a seven-day programme guide, and red button interactivity.

Although some film, sport, and US-produced content will not be able to broadcast, most of the time the programming will be the same as on the normal TV. BBC One is broadcasting on the service on a trial basis that will be available initially for 12 months, while Channel 4 will initially only broadcast Short Cuts, its made-for mobile TV channel, but expects to roll out simulcasts soon.

Surprisingly, the service isn’t prohibitively expensive. For a contract of £25 a month or more, Virgin Mobile offers the Lobster 700 and TV service for free for the life of their contracts. The Lobster can also be purchased on pre-pay for £199, with the service free for 3 months, followed by a £5 a month charge.