A recent survey by an internet access monitoring service has ranked BT the number one consumer ADSL broadband service provide during April through June 2006.

Epitiro, the UK's leading Customer Experience Management solutions provider for Internet access services, monitored ADSL broadband services from around the UK by connecting its monitoring service, ISP-I, to the internet services to measure speed.

The managing director of Epitiro, Gavin Johns, said, "Our consumer ADSL testing found that in terms of Internet performance, BT topped the overall rankings for the period April to June 2006".

"BT was also found to provide the fastest service as a percentage of its theoretical maximum.

"Virgin, BT, and AOL were the fastest services to actually connect to the Internet, while Pipex, Orange and BT were up to four times faster than the industry average at delivering email."

The survey ranked the companies via a Performance Index Score; BT, Virgin, DEMON, AOL, and Orange came up tops.