BT has launched a new tracking service for vehicles in the UK and by chance managed to get the Product Manager's car stolen in time for the launch.

Called BT Trackit, the device will pinpoint a stolen vehicle's location using Global Positioning Technology to within a few feet.

Luckily David Thomas who was supposedly testing the equipment in his own car was able to find his stolen Audi abandoned 6 miles from his home in Kings Heath, Birmingham, just 50 minutes after he discovered it had been taken.

Mr Thomas was alerted to the theft by BT's Secure Operating Centre, who with the aid of satellite positioning technology were able to pinpoint the car's exact location.

The local police were informed of the situation and armed with BT Trackit's information sent out a reconnaissance vehicle to recover the vehicle. The car had been abandoned in a suburb just 6 miles from Mr Thomas's home and was retrieved undamaged within the hour.

Mr Thomas, obviously surprised said: "I couldn't believe it when I discovered my car had been stolen. I suppose it was an opportunity to put BT Trackit to the test for real. Obviously I wasn't overly worried because knowing BT Trackit capabilities and performance as I do, I knew that I would see my car again. None the less I was very relieved to get it back safely”.

The system monitors and tracks a vehicle in order to identify when it is moved without authorisation.

Using the system a car can be tracked across 27 EU countries. Customers also benefit from police level 1 response (immediate).

The device costs £450 plus £150 for a year's service. If you want European protection you will have to £207 a year.