The UK Broadband provider, rather than enter a price war with BT over its Broadband services has decided to opt for a different tack and on Monday started offering voice calls and high-speed broadband in one single package.

Presently only available in the Central London area, the flagship package will be Bulldog's Pro@ctive range that is designed for small office users who need 4Mbps and phone services. The service which will cost £67 per month plus VAT will also offer calls to local and national numbers for free. Calls to mobiles are 10p a minute (anytime) capped at 30p for 1st hour and Calls to popular international destinations will cost depending on the zone Bulldog sets it in. Zone A for example includes America and Ireland and calls will cost 3p per minute and will be capped at 10p where Western Europe and Canada will cost 5p per minute and capped at 20p

Bulldog Super@ctive is for home users and costs £52 (including VAT). It too provides a 4Mbps internet connection and unlimited calls to UK landlines. Bulldog Inter@ctive, another domestic service, is £40 per month (including VAT) for 4Mbps broadband Internet, but will have pay-as-you-go telephone charges.

BT were quick to point out however that the service was currently only available in London and only available with a powerful 4Mbps offering, something that will be more than most consumers need for simple surfing the web.

All the services come with no time or data download limits however do come with a connection fee. Bulldog won the coveted Best Consumer Broadband ISP award last year.