Both Telewest Broadband and BT hope to shake up the home internet market with the introduction of a low-cost 256kbp/s broadband services.

Both companies are answering what they believe is a growing number of consumers looking for cheaper broadband access, by launching the new entry-level service for just £17.99 and £19.99 a month respectively.

Telewest's serivce is scheduled for launch in spring. It will cost only £2 more than dial-up services from BT Yahoo! and AOL, but offers surfing speeds up to five times faster.

Consumers can register for the service at

The first 5,000 people signing up through the pre-registration site will be offered free installation and their first month free - a saving of £67.99. Consumers can check availability of Telewest Broadband services in their area with the postcode checker, or by calling 0800 953 5000.