The broadband revolution is giving consumers a new music experience.

To help make this possible, BT has launched the BT Internet Radio, allowing you to access live and on-demand music wirelessly in and around the home.

We have teamed up with BT so four lucky readers can win a fantastic BT Internet Radio!

Internet radio represents the next step forward from DAB radio technology.

DAB brought us instant access to a new, broad selection of UK based digital stations - more channels than you could squeeze onto an FM radio.

Internet radio allows you to tune in to these, but more importantly, gives you access to a worldwide selection of radio stations, via broadband internet, and on-demand!

Learn more about the BT Internet Radio by playing BT’s World Wide Wireless game at; Spin the globe, guess the country the music is from and you could win £250!

BT Internet Radio is available to buy from for £119.99.

This competition has finished.