BT has announced a new service that will allow UK users to buy movies outright that they can then watch on their YouView set-top-boxes.

This buy-to-keep movie service will be a first for a YouView-centric pay TV service in the UK. BT will provide a selection of films from big-name studios including 20th Century Fox and Sony Pictures.

Movies bought from BT are streamed to the customer's box whenever the user wants. The films are stored in a digital locker in the cloud. BT plans to expand the service to include TV box sets in the coming months.

Prices for these movies start at £9 for HD films and £6 for SD films. There are currently over 600 films available on BT Box Office.

Alex Green, director of BT TV, said: "The new service gives you even more choice. You can buy the latest blockbusters and they’re yours to keep forever. And you can watch them as many times as you like."

Hundred of films are available on BT Box Office before they reach Netflix, Lovefilm or Now TV, BT says.

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