BT wants you to use one of its 5.2 million Wi-Fi hotspots in the UK, so it has released an app that eliminates all the hassle involved with connecting to the web while on the go.

The free BT Wi-Fi app provides an automatic and "seamless" wireless broadband to anyone with a device running iOS 6 or above. It's also available for Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

So, how does it work? Simple. It quickly connects a customer whenever they are near a hotspot, and then that customer will never have to open the app again.

"This makes it even easier to find and use BT Wi-fi," said Erik Raphael, director of BT Wi-Fi and devices in a press release.

BT also announced a new app in the works for Window 8.1. Like the mobile app, it will provide automatic Wi-Fi connection to desktop, laptop, and tablet devices. Users can also see if they are connected via live tiles on the home screen (they'll change colours to mirror status).

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Users will need to sign in with their BT ID or BT email address and password to gain access as a BT Broadband customer. Don't worry about set up, though. There are helpful FAQ’s and guides available within the app, providing assistance if users have any problems. 

BT's Wi-Fi hotspots are free to BT Broadband customers and allow unlimited access to the web. The hotspots are located in many places like businesses and branded sites like Starbucks and Hilton Hotels, among others.