BT has launched its BT Cloud online storage service for its own broadband customers, which works with apps for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Android, giving subscribers remote access to their own files. All good so far.

However, as points out, the files can include music tracks from the user's library, something the record industry may take a dim view of.

BT, which vigorously challenged the UK's Digital Economy Act last year, has covered its back by including the disclaimer: "BT doesn't support activities which infringe the copyrights of the holder." However, in the descriptions of what each BT Cloud package offers, it lists the number of music tracks that could be stored online at each size.

If a user sticks with the free 2GB BT Cloud package, the company suggests that could be used to store 500 songs. Upgrade to 50GB and BT claims you could store 12,500 songs. It doesn't stop there either: the ISP suggests you could store movies too, up to 70 on the 50GB package.

Of course, it's not saying you should, merely providing examples of what you could store, and perhaps it's just the wording and implication that is wrong. It is offering the service to its customers for free, after all, so perhaps too much is being read into it. It's really just a service for customers to see lovely pics of their kids, etc.

BT Cloud is now available from iTunes and Google Play for their respective operating systems/mobile devices. You can also visit the BT Cloud support page to find out more.

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