Any future would-be Kenneth Grahames will be able to write Wind in the Willows on their tablet while surfing the web at the same time, thanks to a new deal that should bathe the Thames in free Wi-Fi.

Global Reach, the company behind the new scheme, says it will deploy blanket Wi-Fi coverage along 44km (27 miles) of the Thames and on board Thames Clippers London River Ferries to support more than 30 million people accessing the river each year.

Although the company has yet to explain how far up the river the Wi-Fi signal will go, it's a pretty safe bet that the capital will be amply covered.

Users will be able to sign on to get internet access via BT's BT Broadband Hotspot service. The service is expected to go live some time before March.

London already has the overground stations covered by The Cloud, and the Underground by Virgin Media.