Starbucks is to make it easier for its coffee drinking customers to use Wi-Fi in the company’s stores in the UK.

Customers with Wi-Fi enabled laptops, tablets and mobile phones now have unlimited Internet access to surf the Web and connect with social networks at over 650 company-owned stores across the country.

The move means that customers no longer have to be members of the Starbucks Rewards programme to access free Wi-Fi, and is a direct response to feedback from those who have asked for a simplified service.  

Previously, users would have to sign up for a gift card and then have to punch in a username and password every time to get 1.5 hours of online time.

The new, unlimited Wi-Fi offering features a one-click entry point, so a username or password will not be required.

Starbucks will continue to work with BT Openzone as its Wi-Fi provider, a relationship that’s been in place since 2009 when free Wi-Fi for Starbucks Reward customers was launched.

Pic: Flickr / Uzagaku