BT is to enter the ever expanding tablet market, but the firm's boss Ian Livingston is adamant that it isn't trying to compete with Apple and the iPad in any way. Instead, he sees BT's tablet as a communication tablet that will be more at home in the kitchen than out about town.

Features will include voice calling, using a built in speaker and microphone or via a Bluetooth headset, and the ability to send people video messages. There will also be text, email, voicemail and web apps for things like the weather and news feeds. Livingston said the idea was to have "all your communications in one place" without the need of firing up your PC.

It sounds to us like the BT tablet will be a bit like the O2 Joggler, but less, er, rubbish. It will be interesting to see who BT get to manufacturer this device for it.

Check out The Telegraph's video of Ian Livingston talking about BT's tablet here.