We heard about the BlackBerry Bluetooth Visor mount handsfree kit some time ago after it was spotted at CES. We got our hands on one as BlackBerry showed off the accessory in London.

For the Crackberry fan who needs the branded accessory, the device is remarkably similar to other sunvisor speaker kits, such as the Jabra SP700 we reviewed at the end of 2008.

You connect via Bluetooth and slot it on your sunvisor when driving around. It features an in-built speaker and mic, but also has an FM transmitter so it will send audio through your car stereo.

You'll be able to playback music from your phone, with incoming calls cutting it out as you'd expect.

The BlackBerry version is pretty slick with touch controls neatly backlit, nice glossy slim profile and a good strong wire clip on the back.

It also talks to you, saying helpful things like "device disconnected" – just what you don't want to hear when belting along the M5.

Dates and prices still evade us, but here are a few shots to sate that palpable excitement.