According to new research, girls in the UK are getting into technology, but would still not consider a career in it.

According to new stats from BlackBerry maker Research In Motion, nearly 90% of the girls aged 11-16 who took part in a new study think using technology is cool.

In fact, they claim to regularly talk to their friends about it.

Just over a third (38%) of them chat about the latest technology on a daily basis – chinwagging about anything from social networking to online gaming and mobile downloads.

But, despite this, only 28% have considered a career in technology as compared to more than half of boys of the same age (though I wonder how many of them want to be astronauts).

But why is there such a gap?

Over two-thirds of the girls asked, said that there is a lack of female role models in the technology industry.

And they said that there should be more, with 55% also adding that there should be fewer celebrity role models and more inspirational business role models.

But there were also those who simply thought a career in technology was "not exciting" or "too geeky".

Maggie Philbin, former Tomorrow’s World presenter, says that more role models could make a serious impact: "Never underestimate the power of role models, if young women can see a career path which has been enjoyable and rewarding for another, they are more likely to follow it themselves".

"It’s so frustrating to see teenagers using technology naturally and creatively, seemingly unaware that they could play a key role in shaping the way we use technology in the future. And it's equally important, once they make the decision to work in this area, that they are encouraged and inspired to rise to the highest level."

The survey also concluded that money is a big draw to young people choosing a career (never!) and that more information is needed so that teenagers can really see what a career in the tech world could offer.