If you're using the BBM messaging client on Android, go to the BlackBerry Beta Zone. BlackBerry has a private beta available that brings BBM Channels and Voice support.

The new beta will allow you to experience social, connected discussions and free Wi-Fi calling, both of which were already available to anyone with BB10. BBM Channels, BlackBerry's own social network, just launched in November for handsets running BlackBerry OS 5 or up, bringing the opportunity to communicate with companies, brands, etc.

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The BBM Channels platform works something like this: a company or person creates a channel on BBM Channels, then BBM users post messages to that channel, and then the company or person can share messages, pictures and animated GIFs. The functionality is similar to Twitter; both services enable communication with followers.

As for voice support, BlackBerry first revealed in December that it would release updates to BBM for iPhone and Android in 2014 that would bring free voice calling to any BBM contact worldwide with no long distance fees. Voice support would make BBM on-par with rival messaging clients like Skype and others.

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The BlackBerry Beta Zone does not clarify when BBM Channels and Voice support will publically land for the Android or iOS apps, but it appears as though the company will stick to its promise of a 2014 release.