BlackBerry is urging users of BlackBerry 10 OS handsets to roll back the Twitter application to a former version if it was updated to version 10.2.2.

The update added a number of new features, including improved search functionality, integration with BBM, and images appearing inside tweets as previews, but reported issues have forced the company to remove it from the BlackBerry World app store and release details on how to reinstall the previous version.

BlackBerry will release the update again when the issues have been ironed out.

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To reinstall the former 10.2.1 edition of the application, hold the Twitter icon until the X appears on your BB10 device home screen. Then delete the application by tapping the X.

Open BlackBerry World then go to its settings by swiping down from the top of the screen. Select Refresh inside the General menu. Search for Twitter in BlackBerry World and install Twitter version 10.2.1.

Naturally, this means you will lose the new features again (for the time being), but that has to be preferable to an app that doesn't work correctly.