Social media junkies will be happy to know BlackBerry has updated its standalone Twitter and LinkedIn applications on BlackBerry 10 with a number of features and enhancements. 

Now available on the BlackBerry World, Twitter has been majorly improved. On the compose screen there is now a shortcut to @reply other users and the ability to take photos or add an existing one to a tweet. Furthermore, direct messages have been improved, allowing users to message each other through the "Me" tab within the app, similar to what is found on other mobile platforms. 

Updates also extend to the editing of profiles, including the ability for users to edit profile photos and details. Tweets have been improved with an image view, quote tweet, retweet, block and report for spam, and delete your own tweets that you regret. Lastly, you can see a full conversation view when clicking on a tweet. 

It's worth noting that the Twitter application isn't officially developed by Twitter, but by the BlackBerry software team itself. 

The same goes for the Linkedin app, which has been improved with LinkedIn messages support, enhanced job search, LinkedIn today, and better image viewing. 

As we noted in our BlackBerry Z10 review, the lack of full-featured apps (Instagram and Netflix come to mind) seems to be an issue for the platform. That's not to say things aren't improving as support for BlackBerry 10 rises. Currently available only in parts of Europe and Canada, the platform is expected to hit its next major market, the US, in mid-March

You can download Twitter and LinkedIn v10.0.1 on BlackBerry World. As you can tell, the updates were much needed.