BlackBerry isn't planning on addressing the battery issues with its new Z10 smartphone, according to Vivek Bhardwaj, the company's head of software portfolio, who spoke to Pocket-lint about the issue.

"We are trying to be as competitive as we can on the battery. I think we are pretty good. Are we the best out there? I'm not sure," Bhardwaj told us.

"Software updates can only do so much," he added, when asked whether a patch could fix battery life complaints. "Our focus when we push out updates is to address market issues or enhance features."

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Clearly then, BlackBerry is going to continue to make its OS exciting, but it looks as if the battery problems with the Z10 aren't going to be fixable.

For those who want to relive the glory days of week-long BlackBerry battery life, the as yet unreleased Q10 boasts a bigger 2100 mAh batttery and a smaller 720 x 720-resolution screen, which should use less power.

BlackBerry launched its new BlackBerry 10 operating system on 30 January. The Z10 handset went on sale the following day in the UK and has, BlackBerry tells us, experienced strong sales so far.