Augmented reality app stories are like buses it seems, they break down regularly and smell slightly of urine and fried chicken. Er, that's not right... They come two at a time. That's more like it.

No sooner had Pocket-lint posted a story about the front cover of Playboy Netherlands coming to life through the Layar smartphone application, than we spy that BlackBerry has partnered with Blippar to perform an OS takeover for iPhone and Android.

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To check out what BlackBerry 10 feels like on your current smartphone, you can scan a dedicated webpage ( using the free Blippar app and it will take you to a demo of BB10 running in a web browser on your phone. The screen will then offer you specific motions to try out some of the functionality of the new operating system, for you to see if you prefer it over your current one.

It's all a bit of fun and, to be honest, doesn't really give you a true indication of what the BlackBerry Z10 is like to use, but we like where BlackBerry is coming from.