While the folks in the UK and Canada are living it up with their BlackBerry Z10, the folks stateside are playing the waiting game. Currently slated for all four major US carriers, the BlackBerry Z10's release date on T-Mobile has been leaked. 

According to TmoNews, which has a proven track record for leaks on the magenta carrier, the BlackBerry Z10 will be released on 27 March. It's not clear if that is the same date for AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint, or if the nation's fourth-largest carrier is getting the handset a bit late. 

Additionally, the leaked document provided by the publication points to the Samsung Galaxy S III LTE being released either 27 March or 3 April. With the upcoming release of the Galaxy S IV sometime this spring, the Galaxy S III LTE may be making its debut just a tad late. 

With the BlackBerry and Android camps soon satisfied, T-Mobile customers are also awaiting the release of the iPhone on the carrier, currently slated for sometime this spring. While there's no official word (or any leaks) as of yet, rumours are hinting towards a March launch. 

T-Mobile looks to be set for the spring. A March launch on the other US carriers looks likely, as long as no major roadblocks come there way.