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(Pocket-lint) - With BlackBerry 10's launch at the end of January, RIM has garnered an additional 19,071 apps for the BlackBerry World in 36 hours, thanks to the last Port-a-Thon event held over the weekend. 

RIM's third Port-a-Thon event, which allows developers to earn money and a chance at prizes for submitting apps, was deemed a success. The first Port-a-Thon in mid-December yielded 4,000 apps, while the mid-January Port-a-Thon saw 15,000 apps.

Of course, the gatekeepers at RIM will be looking over the apps to see which are quality enough to go on the BlackBerry World. According to calculations, 529 apps were submitted per hour, signaling developers were working hard to claim their $100 per app submitted.


As RIM hopes at least 70,000 apps will be in place, BlackBerry 10 will be launched globally on 30 January, with events planned for New York, Toronto, London, Paris, Johannesburg, and Dubai. 

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Recent rumours have suggested RIM will introduce the BlackBerry Z10 (L-Series) and full Qwerty (N-Series) at the event. The four other devices set to launch in 2013 have yet to be detailed. 

Prospective carriers have also leaked worldwide in recent months, with Vodafone in the UK, T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T in the US, and Virgin Mobile in Canada possibly hosting at least some of the six devices RIM plans to roll out. 

Pocket-lint will be providing live coverage from the event, where we should get a clearer picture of how many apps are available.

Writing by Jake Smith.