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(Pocket-lint) - A war between BlackBerry and Android is about to ensue, as RIM works to outshine Google and Samsung bashes BlackBerry business users.

RIM has announced its BlackBerry Live conference for 14-16 May, the same time as Google's I/O conference takes place in California. Many may remember BlackBerry World, where RIM showed off the Alpha of BlackBerry 10.

Essentially Blackberry Live is the same conference, with a different name. "We love the new name, and it comes with a hugely positive outlook and a very exciting year for BlackBerry technology," says RIM. 

The company says you can expect plenty of BlackBerry 10 talk at the conference, with the chance to meet the leaders behind BlackBerry 10, the chance to get questions answered, and "hear what's next for BlackBerry". Ooh, exciting.  

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RIM is set to announce two BlackBerry 10 devices at its worldwide launch event at the end of January. The company has also said that it plans to roll-out four more devices this year, leaving the Live conference a perfect place to drop some juicy details. Perhaps a BB 10 Curve - a stretch we know. 

Meanwhile, the mobile war continues as Samsung - perhaps worried by the attention BlackBerry is getting at the moment in the run up to the 30 January launch - has launched an aggressive advertising campaign against RIM by mocking business users who enjoy Qwerty smartphones.

While the advert doesn't mention RIM by name, it's pretty clear who this is aimed at given that those paying close attention will spot what looks to be a Curve. 

Cry "Havoc!", and let slip the dogs of war, as Shakespeare would say.

Anyone plan on attending the BlackBerry Live conference?

Writing by Jake Smith.