BlackBerry users with an NFC-enabled handset can now share apps with their friends by simply tapping the two phones together.

BlackBerry Share was demoed at BlackBerry World in Orlando, Florida and brings a social element to downloading applications.

By tapping two NFC-enabled BlackBerry devices, each user will receive a list of the apps their friend has downloaded from BlackBerry App World. Just press the "Share" option when you’re in the application store itself.

blackberry share uses nfc for app discovery image 2

BlackBerry Share will only deliver names of applications that are compatible with your handset and there’s no way of filtering what apps you share should you have any embarrassing applications hidden away on your phone.

By using BlackBerry Share you won’t actually be able to transfer fully installed apps to each other, but it does provide a one-press access to BlackBerry App World where you can download any application that catches your fancy.

BlackBerry Share is available now and is compatible with any BlackBerry NFC enabled device.

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