BlackBerry 7’s development team will remain in place for the immediate future even though BlackBerry 10 will become RIM’s key OS.

With BlackBerry 10 whipping up a frenzy at BlackBerry World, it’s easy to forget that most BlackBerry smartphones still currently run on BlackBerry 7, but for how much longer?

BlackBerry 10 will be here before the end of the year, but RIM has told Pocket-lint that at launch it will be arriving only on high-end devices because of its advanced platform and subsequent support needed from a high-end specs device.

RIM has a long history of lower-end smartphones, most notably with the Curve range and CEO Thorsten Heins has said that it has no intention of neglecting this market.

However, RIM did tell us that BlackBerry 10 would “evolve” over time and though it “will start high it will eventually filter down to lower-end handsets.”

So it would appear BlackBerry 7 has something of a stay of execution, though we wouldn't rule out some form of mini update.

A BlackBerry 8 or 9 perhaps?

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