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(Pocket-lint) - Thorsten Heins, chief executive of RIM, has been speaking  to an exclusive group of journalists at BlackBerry World about his long terms goals for the manufacturer.

With Pocket-lint in attendance, Heins reiterated that RIM had no plans to leave the consumer market, while conceding that mistakes had been made in the past. 

“Perhaps we had a little fat in the hips,” said Heins. “We need to become a lean, mean hunting machine.” Fighting talk indeed.

Despite only having been in the hot seat for three months, Heins is grabbing RIM by the berries as it looks to improve its marketing abilities, focusing the company as a whole ensuring there is “one voice”.

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This is something Heins feels perhaps wasn’t the case with BlackBerry 7 and is actively seeking both a chief marketing officer and chief operating officer to address these issues.

Despite his rallying call to unite RIM as one, Heins emphasised the importance of partnerships with third-party app developers, something that has been the key message at BlackBerry World.

All developers in attendance at BlackBerry World are receiving a BlackBerry Dev Alpha device to work on.

“We’re not a gaming company or a mapping specialist, so apps are key to our success.”

Heins has certainly talked a good game and the general mood around BlackBerry World is one of positivity.

This is largely because of the possibilities of BlackBerry 10, which Heins says will cater RIM for the next decade.

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Writing by Danny Brogan.