RIM has promised BlackBerry 10 app developers at least $10,000 in the first year should their application qualify for BlackBerry App World.

Anyone doubting RIM’s commitment to ensuring its BlackBerry 10 OS is well equipped with apps when it’s launched later this year was clearly not at the BlackBerry 10 Jam event in Orlando, Florida.

Alec Saunders, RIM’s VP of Developer Relations, took to the stage (not before we got to see him and his band playing some “dad rock” on the big screen) and made the guarantee.

Furthermore should any developer not earn $10,000 with their certified BlackBerry 10 app within the first year, then RIM will make up the difference.

Now for the caveats. The apps themselves must be paid for apps and developers must make at least $1,000 from the app by themselves to demonstrate to RIM that there is a hunger for their idea. All reasonable T&C's we're sure you'd agree.

Having received criticism for the lack of apps at launch when BlackBerry App World first arrived, RIM seems determined not to let history repeat itself by offering a huge portfolio of apps when BlackBerry 10 goes live later this year.

RIM emphasised that it would be accepting only high-quality applications to the BlackBerry App World, but that this shouldn’t deter first-time developers wishing to submit.

Judging by the whoops and spontaneous applause from the watching audience – most of who were developers – there are plenty willing to take on RIM’s offer.

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