BlackBerry App World 3.1 has arrived in RIM lovers' lives - bringing with it a nifty new addition whereby rather than forking out for apps using your own hard earned money, you can request that your pals buy them for you.

The "Request Gift" feature is a sure way to save pennies, whilst at the same time creating a tight persona for yourself and annoying your BBM buddies as well. The option to send a gift request shows up alongside the traditional "Buy" option - you can of course still cough up yourself using the usual methods.

BlackBerry App World 3.1 also adds the function to filter "adult" or "mature" content. We're not sure what the difference between the two is - give us a few days to do some thorough investigation and we'll let you know.

The filtering is "an industry standard content rating system which is designed to give users the ability to restrict content of specific ratings". So it's handy for parents to stop their little 'uns looking at things that they shouldn't.

Finally, the updated app centre allows Wi-Fi only app downloading - a treat Android and iOS users have always had - meaning "where there’s Wi-Fi, you can now stay connected to BlackBerry App World and grab new apps and updates any time". Woop indeed.

BlackBerry owners will be receiving an upgrade notification over the next few days. If you can’t wait, you can manually download now.

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