BlackBerry Beta Zone users in the US can now tune into the brand new beta of BlackBerry Radio - RIM's attempt at mixing it with the likes of and Pandora.

The radio discovery app "works with multiple radio apps to make the process of finding and listening to radio on a BlackBerry smartphone quicker, easier and more integrated by presenting a sampling of services from some of our most popular partners".

You can access both internet radio stations and terrestrial radio and you can go genre specific with your selections. If you like an internet radio provider, the app will give you the option to download specific apps - such as Slacker.

BlackBerry Radio will also hook up with your handsets existing media capabilities - such as presenting you with Amazon MP3 info should you wish to buy a tune that you hear and like.

You don't need to be a subscriber of some of the premium station providers to listen either - there are free samples of all the various preset stations.

It's US only at the moment, but BlackBerry says that it will "keep you posted once this app is available for all to enjoy".