The Mozilla Foundation has highlighted its future plans for its synctastic app, Firefox Home, indicating that the platform will find its way to BlackBerry and Symbian handsets within "the coming months".

The non-profit organisation also indicated that it was aware of the interest in an iPad version of the app and that it will "investigate this option further".

The roadmap also details plans to "provide access to more Firefox data on your phone and add social functionality", which means in future versions you could be able to:

- Synchronize passwords to your phone so you don’t have to type them in anymore.    

- Better integrate with new iOS4 features and other native applications (such as Youtube, Maps, Mobile Safari etc.)    

- Bring other Firefox customisations such as search engine preferences.    

- Bring your Firefox Panorama settings and tab groups to your phone.    

- Easily share links, reviews and comments with your friends on Twitter, Facebook or other social networks directly from Firefox Home.    

- Build the ability to provide feedback and get help with any issues directly from within Firefox Home.

There was a bit of bad, if not unexpected, news in the roadmap as well. There are still no plans for a Firefox browser on the iPhone due to "technical and logistical restrictions" and there was no mention of Firefox Home for Android, but the Google OS (version 2.0+) users do have access to the Alpha version of Fennec - Firefox's mobile browser.