It hasn't even been made officially available to the public, but that hasn't stopped some over-zealous phone torture enthusiasts from dissecting RIM's new baby - the BlackBerry Torch 9800.

The stripping down process, which Apple devices usually fall victim to, has extended across brands so we can now see exactly what makes up this potential iPhone killer.

So, what have we got?

Well, basically a conglomeration of various metal and plastic parts and no real detail on what components are on board.

We already know it's got 512MB of RAM, the same amount of ROM, a 624MHz processor and that it has 4GB of built-in memory.

The pictures do show an interesting rubber bumper like part that attaches to the main board - maybe Apple should have put its bumpers on the inside of the iPhone 4. There's also some good detail of the remarkably thin slider mechanism.

But did a BlackBerry Torch really have to die for us to see this? Poor little fellow, it never stood a chance.

Are you excited about Research in Motion's new top-liner? Or is it just another BlackBerry to add to the pile? Give us a shout below.