Thumbplay, a service that delivers ringtones and mobile games in the States, has launched a streaming music service at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The offering has content from all four major labels, as well as a host of independent aggregators, so your favourite band should be in there.

It's currently in a closed beta, and is available in two forms - an Adobe AIR application for PC, Mac and Linux, and a version for select BlackBerry handsets. It offers offline syncing of playlists, and can also generate playlists based on your favourite songs from its catalogue.

It'll be launching publicly in the US before the end of March, and there'll be a free 3-day trial. After that, a subscription will cost $10 per month - comparable to other, similar, offerings. What stands Thumbplay apart from the competition is that it features support for BlackBerry devices - a platform so far shunned by other digital music services.

It's an interesting time for digital music in the States, with Spotify about to launch. However, given that Spotify doesn't yet support BlackBerry handsets, Thumbplay could have found itself a niche that it'll be able to happily sit in and make some money from. Whether it's able to expand further will depend on catalogue and interface - both will need to be tip-top to compete against Spotify's might.