Beats Music is real...and it's ready to kick off in the US starting next month, according to CEO Ian Rogers.

The executive revealed on his personal blog that Beats Music is currently in an internal private beta, gathering feedback from artists and "personal heroes", and that it will officially go public in January 2014.

Beats announced in 2012 that it had acquired the online music service MOG as part of a goal to develop a "truly end-to-end music experience". A landing page for an upcoming service, called Beats Music, was unveiled in August 2013 but few other details about the service have been disclosed, until today.

Features and other  goodies haven't been totally unwrapped just yet, though Beats has given interested users the chance to grab their Beats Music username immediately. You can visit now to reserve a handle, ensuring you'll be ready to go in January.

Beats Music will reportedly take on Spotify, iTunes Radio and others. Born out of the Beats Electronics company - which makes Beats by Dr. Dre headphones - the service will allegedly have 20 million tracks available when it launches. Beats has also contracted several freelances to compile preset playlists.