The BBC has added a dark mode to its popular radio and podcast application for iOS: BBC Sounds.

Usually presented on a white background, the app can now be set into dark mode through the settings. Alternatively, you can set it to reflect your iPhone's visual mode. That way, if you switch from light to dark mode on your handset, or vice versa, the app will automatically switch too.

The new mode makes it easier to see text on the screen at a glance (in our opinion) so is very welcome. The update will also appear on the Android version soon.

Other recent changes to the BBC Sounds app include improved playback and easier download management.

There are also new categories, live rewind, restart and pause, plus the addition of a sleep timer.

BBC Sounds is the corporations free music app for listeners in the UK, who can use it to listen to any BBC radio station live. It also offers a great lineup of podcasts, including our particular favourite, That Peter Crouch Podcast.

There are music playlists too, often created by different stations or their guests.

You can download the BBC Sounds app via the Apple App Store or Google Play respectively.