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(Pocket-lint) - The BBC is finishing its process of removing all live radio stations from TuneIn next Monday, 30 September, which will be of particular concern to Amazon Echo owners.

Sadly, due to a dispute with TuneIn, the Beeb took the decision to remove its digital stations from the universal radio app back in August. And, at the end of that month, they started to vanish from different versions of the application.

That will now apply to the TuneIn Amazon Echo skill too, which will no longer carry stations such as BBC Radio 1, Radio 2, 5 Live and the rest of the BBC's live content.

You will still be able to access BBC Radio channels on Alexa-enabled devices through the official BBC skill, but without some of the features TuneIn offered.

For example, the BBC skill does not support playback via routines, alarms or timers, and multi-room music. You also will not currently be able to hear the audio of BBC radio broadcasts expanded through Echo companion devices, such as Echo Sub, Link or the Link Amp.

In August, the BBC claimed that the main reason to remove stations from TuneIn was because of a refusal by the third-party application to share data on listening patterns and the like. This is mandatory for BBC licensing, it said.

Those with other devices can also use the BBC Sounds app to listen to the broadcaster's stations. And, podcast playback is unaffected by the change.

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Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 27 September 2019.