Apple has announced that it will be attending the first European VII Seminar held at the Royal Geographic Society in London by the VII Photo Agency.

The seminar, held on the 13 and 14 April will offer a unique opportunity to meet all of VII’s photographers which include names like Simon Barnett, Director of Photography at Newsweek; Aidan Sullivan, VP Assignments at Getty Images; and Kate Edwards of the Guardian Weekend

Apple will be at the two-day event to show attendees its professional post-production tool, Aperture, and offer tips, tricks and advice in the use of the software.

Aside from the panel discussion, there will be new product demonstrations, Canon equipment "Check and Clean" service and technical experts on hand for Q&A sessions.

Admission will be £100 and £50 for students.

VII derives its name from the number of founding photo-journalists who, in September 2001, formed this collectively owned agency. VII has been responsible for creating and relaying to the world many of the images that define the turbulent opening years of the 21st century.