Apple has announced the launch of iTunes 9 at It's Only Rock and Roll event in San Francisco.

The new music download software will add a host of new features bringing with it a Snow Leopard style interface allowing you to access the navigation menu from the top of every page.

Other features include greater preview and buy features as well as the much rumoured iTunes LP that gives users a visual experience of old vinyl records - so they get the feeling they've bought a LP rather than just a selection of digital tracks. That includes lyrics, artwork, but will be applied by the record companies, not Apple.

Elsewhere the it's Genius function will be vastly improved with the software mixing songs from your iTunes library that go great together in a cluster of selectable playlists.

You will also be able to rearrange apps for your iPhone and iPod touch on screen in the software - along with adding and deleting applications. The Interface will resemble the iPhone and iPod touch allowing users to drag their applications around. There is also support for multiple homescreens.

In an attempt to take on DVD sales, the company has launched iTunes Extras - giving movie customers access to the plethora of extras normally on the DVD.

Users will also be able to now share content with 5 other computers in the house as the company moves to take on home media streaming services like Microsoft's DLNA setup. Called "Home Sharing" you'll be able to manage the sharing process via the new software.

Right-clicking an individual track in iTunes will allow you to send it to Facebook or Twitter - the rumoured "social" aspects of the software. Unlikely Spotify's identical service, however, iTunes will prompt you then to buy the track.

We will keep you posted.