Perhaps rosy-cheeked is an exaggeration, but Steve Jobs took centre stage at the company's "It's Only Rock and Roll, But We Like It event" garnering a standing ovation from the Apple faithful.

Following rumours of the Apple CEO's health declining, Jobs stepped down in January. He missed the WWDC keynote in May, but returned gradually in June and July following a liver transplant. His return to the stage means that he's now confident enough to take the helm once again.

"I now have the liver of a mid 20-year-old", Steve said, encouraging the audience to become audience donors, and thanked Tim Cook and the Apple exec team for running the company in his absence.

It was the first time the CEO had publicly confirmed his liver transplant in February.

Google's Eric Schimdt was also in attendance.

UPDATED: We've added video of the opening speech by Steve Jobs from the WSJ