Believe what you will, but when a major news organisation publishes then removes a story there is some cause for it to make headlines.

According to titbits scraped from an uncached and unseen story, Sky News in the UK is claiming that

"The whole of the Beatles back catalogue will be made available to buy on iTunes."

It's source: Yoko Ono

All that is left of the story on the website is the url giving hints to Yoko Ono's comments:

According to Sky, the wife of John Lennon has let the cat out of the bag a day early no doubt causing headaches all round for EMI, Apple and well anyone else that fancies being concerned.

Google news only managed to cache the intro paragraph rather than the whole story.

The Beatles back catalogue is being re-released on Wednesday (09.09.09) with an ultimate box set of all the albums costing around £200. The news also coincides with the launch of Rock Band: The Beatles on the PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii.

The news comes after Pocket-lint broke a leak of new cases appearing in Best Buy's online store for a 3rd generation iPod touch.

However many commentators still don't believe that Apple will detail the availability of The Beatles catalogue on the music download store after it used Rolling Stone song lyrics on the invite sent out to journalists at the beginning of September.

Pocket-lint will be bringing you all the news as it happens from the event starting around 6pm GMT on Wednesday.