With the launch of Apple's latest operating system Snow Leopard, queues were forming in the street before the opening of the Regent Street store in London.

You'd hardly think that a £25 upgrade was worthy of the excitement, but with a long weekend to tinker with a shiny new operating system on their Mac, it seems fans couldn't resist.

"I thought I'd grab a copy before heading into work", one person in the queue told us, whilst an Apple spokesperson reminded Pocket-lint that OS X Leopard was Apple's most successful operating system and with a single option for upgraders, things were nice and simple.

Released today, Apple told us that the 10.6 update to OS X makes changes to 90% of the projects - which number over 1000 - that make up the operating system.

Snow Leopard is available from all Apple retailers, on the high street and online, with preorders being delivered today also.

At £25, why wouldn't you?