Steve Jobs has almost commented on the existence of the much rumoured Apple tablet, thought to be currently being prepared for a launch later this year or early next.

The Wall Street Journal has run a report about the Apple CEO being back at work after his leave of absence for health reasons, stating that Jobs is heavily involved in the development of the tablet PC.

While an official Apple spokesperson refused to comment on the report, Jobs himself did, via an email, stating: "much of your information is incorrect", leaving it open to interpretation if that "much" covers the existence of the tablet.

The WSJ said: "Apple Inc. chief executive is once again managing even the smallest details of his company's products, this time focused on a new tablet device".

Reporting that "those working on the project are under intense scrutiny from Mr. Jobs, particularly with regard to the product's advertising and marketing strategy", the suggestion is that Jobs' intense attention "has been jarring" for some Apple employees.

"People have had to readjust" to Jobs being back, a person familiar with the matter told the Wall Street Journal.

Interestingly the report also claims that Jobs has "killed" the touchscreen tablet project twice before, the first time because of poor battery life and the second due to insufficient memory.