While Apple has yet to announce anything official about the possibility of a tablet computer that will be a cross between an iPhone, iPod touch and MacBook, that hasn't stopped the internet creating numerous concepts of what it will look like.

Whether it's going by the name of the iTablet, iPad, MacBook Touch, or the iPod Air, one thing for certain is that everyone believes the touchscreen display will dominate the proceedings.

That's not to say of course that a keyboard won't show its ugly head at some point with quite a few concepts suggesting any new device would have a pull-out or Bluetooth keyboard to make typing easier.

Then there is the CD drive, mainly it seems from early rumours (this has been dragging on for sometime) as well as one that goes as far as suggesting that you'll be able to slip it inside an iMac when you're not using it.

Until Apple does officially announce something, possibly in September or early 2010, these will have to do.

From Gizmodo (picture above) to Apple insider to Engadget to tuaw.com even us, we've all had a go.

I wonder how many of these will feature elements of the real thing? Heck one of them might even be the real deal.

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