Apple's newest Operating System, Snow Leopard, is to get a 28 August launch date according to Apple UK.

The page, found on buried in the Apple UK site shows an end of the month launch for the new OS from the Cupertino based company.

In a related but coming from a separate source Apple news site Macinstien is reporting that support training for the OS has begun:

"According to reliable sources in Elk Grove, support training for Snow Leopard has begun, signalling an imminent release of the next major release of OS X," says the site before also going on to cite the 28 August.

The new operating system promises to improve the speed and performance of the current offering rather than be a radical departure.

According to Apple "Users will notice a more responsive Finder; Mail that loads messages 85 percent faster and conducts searches up to 90 percent faster; Time Machine with up to 50 percent faster initial backup; a 64-bit version of Safari 4 that boosts the performance of the Nitro JavaScript engine by up to 50 percent and is resistant to crashes caused by plug-ins."

Although Apple has yet to announce pre-order details for the software in its own online store, that hasn't stopped retailers like Amazon stepping in to fill the void.

Apple has said the new OS will cost $29.99 for those upgrading from Leopard. For Tiger users wanting to upgrade to the new OS, the price will be $169.