More fuel to the Apple iTablet rumours have appeared as the Internet goes fever-pitch over will-they won't-they.

The latest? Borders are asking friends of the US bookstore about eReaders as they gather information about how to fend off Barnes and Noble and Amazon's push into electronic books.

Burried in a survey that asks you about such things as what you think of Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown, is a question about Digital Reading Devices.

In steps the iTablet, or in this case the iPad, rumour as Borders, who must be in on Apple's top secret plans over and above anyone else, are curious to see whether or not you "plan to buy an Apple iPAD (large screen reading device) this year?"

We will leave it to you to decide whether or not you think the bookstore has the inside track.

Interestingly the iPAD, not used before in an iTablet rumour, could be seen as a little more catchier name.